7 Heshvan - October 31



    All Mapped Out

    How a JLIC couple carved out their own winding path to a fulfilling life mission By: Ari Ziegler The college years are often about journeying out into the world and finding that one thing that speaks to you. And for many people, the map to their ultimate destination is quite different from the one they’d […]

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    JLIC Fellowship with YU

    Pictured (L-R):Rabbi Gideon Black JLIC @ NYU and Fellowship Coordinator, Jonathan Bloom Fellow @NYU, Sharone Bloom Fellow @NYU, Rabbi Robby Charnoff JLIC @QC, Shoshana Charnoff JLIC @QC, Miriam Schwartz Fellow @QC, Elie Schwartz Fellow @QC, Rachel Leshaw Fellow @Princeton, Ilana Bercuson JLIC @Princeton, Rabbi Elie Bercuson JLIC @Princeton JLIC is excited to announce another new […]

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    Changing the Face of Women’s Jewish Education on Campus: JLIC at Queens College Launches Full-Fledged Midrasha

    Batya Rosner August 18, 2014 When Rabbi Robby and Shoshana Charnoff arrived at Queens College two years ago as the inaugural Torah Educators of the Orthodox Union’s Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC) program at the university, they emphasized their goal of “transforming a commuter campus into a Queens College Jewish Community.” The Charnoffs […]

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    From Israel to Brooklyn: Tisha B’Av With JLIC

    On Tisha B’av JLIC at Brooklyn College and JLIC of Greater Toronto joined together for a very meaningful night. After Eicha students heard from JLIC at The University of Wisconsin’s Rabbi Shlomo Geller, Rabbi Geller was recently released from reserve duty with the IDF and spoke about his experience fighting in Gaza as a sharp […]

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    The Kaplans: A Decade Of Accomplishment At UCLA

    By: Jeanne Litvin Published: August 6th, 2014 Read the full article in the Jewish Press here Ten years is a lifetime in college, but Rabbi Aryeh and Sharona Kaplan aren’t leaving the college scene anytime soon. The Kaplans, the long-serving Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC)educators, have been at UCLA for a decade. That milestone was recently […]

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