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OU-JLIC/YU Fellowship 2015-2016

  OU-JLIC launched the second OU-JLIC/YU Fellowship cohort on Sunday August 23rd with a day-long orientation at the OU headquarters. The Fellowship is accredited as a formal internship for RIETS 4th Year Internship program and aims to serve as a training ground from which future full-time OU-JLIC rabbis and educators will be drawn. The incoming Fellows, who […]

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Want to Learn about Orthodox Jewish Life on Campus? OU-JLIC Shabbaton in Long Island, June 5-6, Shabbat Parshat Beha’alotcha

Orthodox Union Staff: 5/29/2015 Are you interested in learning more about Orthodox Jewish life on campus? Do you have children in high school who will soon begin the rigorous college application process? Have they already decided where they want to attend college but are interested to learn more about the realities of a secular campus? […]

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OU JLIC to Educate Teaneck HS Students on Jewish Life on Secular College Campuses

The Jewish Link: Thursday 5/28/2015 By: Tova Domnitch The Orthodox Union’s Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (OU JLIC) will run a community engagement weekend June 12-13 in Teaneck at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, Congregation Rinat Yisrael, and Congregation Keter Torah. The goal of the weekend is to educate the community, and specifically high school students […]

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Rabbi Yosi Eisen, OU-JLIC UMass Wins Harold Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education

GRINSPOON AWARDS – PRIZE WINNING EDUCATORS ANNOUNCED The Harold Grinspoon Foundation announced last month the four winners of the local Grinspoon Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education. These outstanding educators received surprise visits from community representatives bearing flowers and balloons: Esther Benari-Altmann, Temple Anshe Amunim in Pittsfield; Rabbi Yosi Eisen of the OU-JLIC Program at […]

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OU’s Collegiate Leadership Shabbaton At NYU Inspires Jewish Student Leaders From Across The Nation

Last Shabbat was the fourth annual Orthodox Union Collegiate Leadership Shabbaton in New York City, once again hosted at New York University’s Bronfman Center and at The Brownstone/David H. and Carol Feinberg Leadership Center, and featuring scholar-in-residence Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth. Planning and running the Shabbaton was done jointly by different departments within OU NextGen, including the Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus–JLIC (in particularly NYU […]

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NY1: NYU Rabbi Looks Back on First-Hand Experience of Violence in Israel

By: Michael Herzenberg 11/18/2014 11:48 PM Click here to watch the interview The violence in the Middle East has affected New Yorkers for years. Some have lost loved ones—or experienced the conflict first hand. NY1′s Michael Herzenberg filed the first installment of a two part series. “I love working with people,” says Rabbi Gideon Black. […]

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OU Welcomes Rabbi & Wife as Torah Educators at Columbia U

The Jewish Voice: On Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 By: JV Staff As the academic year is in full swing at colleges across America and with the fall holidays now history, Rabbi Noam and Shiffy Friedman are prepared to look ahead for their first year on campus as the Torah Educators at the Heshe and Harriet […]

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JLIC at Cornell and Ptil Tekhelet Association To Present Lecture on The Rediscovery of Biblical Blue with Nobel Laureate Dr. Roald Hoffman

Stephen Steiner, November 4th, 2014 JLIC at Cornell and Ptil Tekhelet Association to Present Lecture on the Rediscovery of Biblical Blue with Nobel Laureate Dr Roald Hoffmann, Sunday, November 9th  Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Roald Hoffmann will be the featured speaker as the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Cornell and the Ptil Tekhelet Association present: “Science And Judaism: A […]

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All Mapped Out

How a JLIC couple carved out their own winding path to a fulfilling life mission By: Ari Ziegler The college years are often about journeying out into the world and finding that one thing that speaks to you. And for many people, the map to their ultimate destination is quite different from the one they’d […]

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Changing the Face of Women’s Jewish Education on Campus: JLIC at Queens College Launches Full-Fledged Midrasha

Batya Rosner August 18, 2014 When Rabbi Robby and Shoshana Charnoff arrived at Queens College two years ago as the inaugural Torah Educators of the Orthodox Union’s Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC) program at the university, they emphasized their goal of “transforming a commuter campus into a Queens College Jewish Community.” The Charnoffs […]

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